New Leaf Ultra Runs was founded in April, 2011 and currently have over 900 Facebook members. We are a group of dedicated ultrarunners and aspiring ultrarunners here in the Chicagoland area. We have a diverse set of runners in the group, from those who have never run a marathon to those who have run 100+ mile runs and multi-day events. The knowledge across the group is expansive. The crowd is fun, loving, caring, and genuine and is quite an addicting group to be part of. Share in the magic that happens on a daily basis and live it up to your fullest potential. Come visit us on Facebook and give us a try. We hope to see you on the trails!

Why Us? Good Question...

  • Caring, supportive, and fun
  • All experience levels welcome
  • Training opportunities
  • Knowledgeable ultrarunners
  • Daily online discussions
  • Fun runs of various types
  • Event road trips
  • Retail/Race discounts

Sound good? Feel free to join our Facebook group and become a fan or our public Facebook page to get involved with daily ultra-related discussions and learn more about our events and the community of ultrarunners that surround you. If you like what you see and want to involve yourself more and attend our events, then make sure to join our club by visiting our Membership page to learn more.

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Retail Affiliates

Running Warehouse - We love Running Warehouse! They have a wide selection of products at great prices with fast delivery and an unmatchable return policy. What more can one ask for? Really! We are lucky enough to have a discount code from them that we provide our members.

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Race Partnerships

Christmas in July Races - Join us at the race! Loads of festive fun miles to be had.

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Des Plaines River Trail Races - New Leaf Members, Ed Kelly and Terry Madl host a great trail race at the DPRT Half/Marathon/50 Mile in the Fall and we are a happy to partner up with them to make sure that it's a successful event. Many of our members run and volunteer at this local race and have a blast every time. As members, we are generously provided a registration discount code. Join us at the race!

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Chicago Lakefront Races - Race Directors, Patrick Onines and Thomas Hepperle host a classic road ultra on the popular fast and flat, yet windy, Chicago Lakefront. This is a great low key venue for road warrior ultrarunners and for those running their first ultra after the ever-popular Chicago Marathon three weeks prior. You will again, find several from our group either running the race or manning the aid stations at the Spring and Fall races, so stop by and say hello or join us in the fun we have giving back to our running community. As members, we are generously provided a registration discount code. Join us at the race!

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Paleozoic Trail Runs - timing extraordinaire, Bill Thom, is race directing a 50k/25k trail race at Palos Hills that takes you through a mix of varying trail surfaces, but mostly following the multi-use paths of the unpaved Palos Trail System; Wide crushed gravel paths make up about 70% of the course; however, runners will encounter some narrower, more rugged dirt trails and grass segments along the way. These non-crushed gravel sections can be moderately rocky with the occasional stray root. In the greater Chicagoland area this course should be considered as "quite hilly". As members, we are generously provided a registration discount code. Join us by running the race or consider helping at our aid station!

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Our newsletter is a source of information by the ultrarunner for the ultrarunner. With over 900 Facebook members, there is a lot of knowledge at our fingertips that we hope to tap into and leverage so that we may inform, encourage, and educate those interested in keeping up to date with the Chicagoland ultrarunning scene.

Our newsletter is offered in color as a PDF document for our subscribers in electronic format only.

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New Leaf Store

A message to you: Wear it loud, wear it proud, after all, this group, and everyone in it, is devoted to helping you make you the best you can be, to helping you reach that extra mile, to helping you push beyond what you have ever pushed before, to helping you bring the best out, and to helping you share those experiences with others that might need that little extra encouragement or motivation. You are what this group is all about, you have so much to share, so continue to remain strong and focused and you will continue to turn over a new leaf each and every day to conquer anything that might seem just a little bit nuts. Thank you for your support!

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New Leaf Tech Shirts

The New Leaf Mens and Womens performance tech shirts from A4 have the New Leaf Ultra Runs logo on the front in white lettering. Mens shirts are also unisex for women; however, we do have womens cut shirts. The shirts are 100% Polyester Interlock, Moisture Wicking, Anti-Microbial, Stain-Resistant, Ultra tight knit that resists snagging. Very comfortable! I even hear that one runs faster, farther, and stronger while wearing one, but don't quote me on that.

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New Leaf Thermal Reversible Beanie ($15)

These beanies are unisex and come in one color (black) with our white logo heat transferred on the front. They are a one size fits all! This beanie has a fleece lining on the inside with the logo on the cool-max side of the hat. They are reversible so you can wear it either way. It's definitely perfect for those winter freezing cold days and I would guess that you could wear them on the coldest of days and remain cozy from the head up.

New Leaf Ultra Runs - Headsweats Custom Beanie
New Leaf Ultra Runs - Headsweats Custom Beanie

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New Leaf logo apparel, such as cotton shirts and hooded sweatshirts are popular items, as are the embroidered zip-up track jacket. When in doubt, order the larger size. We have other products as well, which any of them, you're able to customize the way you like, but I'll let you visit our Zazzle store for more information.

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New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs
New Leaf Ultra Runs